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Altenburg Super Baldy Herd Sires

ASR Longevity Y184
ASA # 2598898
ASR/GLS Pacesetter U862 X ASR Showcase
Homozygous Black, Homozygous Polled, Blaze Face
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Our top selling bull from our 2012 sale going to Rains Black Simmental, Mike & Celeste Rains, Oakley, Kansas at $11,500. A top gaining, 4.22 ADG, 1328 pound yearling weight, big ribeye, top IMF, powerful individual big footed, sound moving individual. His dam, ASR Miss Primrose M231 is 10 years old and very productive cow, and her dam, ASR Miss Fanfare G720 is now 15 years old, still in the herd with a heifer calf at side. We feel, ASR Longevity is an outstanding individual and is backed by an outstanding cow family.

Calves Pictured Below

RCR Augustus R54
ASA 2310969
ESNK31 by Preferred Beef x KS Baxter
Homozygous Polled, Homozygous Black
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Last year when I visited Rock Creek Ranch and Jeff Houck in Kansas I saw outstanding daughters in production by both RCR Augustus and his sire, K31. Jeff Houck is a young, but masterful breeder. He has replicated good females by these two sires and has large numbers of them. Augustus dam is a beautiful cow in production. I was very pleased Jeff allowed us to acquired Augustus, still powerful and sound footed at 6 years of age. We are excited to use him both AI and natural service, to make the kind of females we saw at Rock Creek Ranch. The pedigree use of Augustus is limitless. I am about as excited for a bull like Augustus as I have been in a while. Come see us in a year for progeny of RCR Augustus. Go to Rock Creek Ranch to see them now.

RCR Wrangler daughter out of the dam of RCR Augustus


ASR Augustus Z2165
ASA 2653966
RC Augustus 54 X Hooks Shear Force x ASR Little Bear
Homozygous Polled, Homozygous Black, Tested 80K
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We are pleased to have raised and sold ASR Augustus Z2165 at the 2014 Wild Wild West Sale for $29,750 to the prestigious group of cattlemen listed below. Gibbs Farms, Ranburne, Alabama, Fred Smith Company, Clayton, North Carolina, T- Heart Ranch, Shane & Beth Temple, Center, Colorado, Kriz Cattle Co, Jason Kriz, Sisseton, South Dakota, and Helen Sill, Paw Paw, Michigan. “Junior”, as we call him, will undoubtedly, be a heifer bull. We have calved his first calves and like his calving ease on heifers, plus the early development of the calves. We plan to use him heavily on our heifers this coming year. Semen is available through Genex.



ASR New Posse W9115
ASA # 2496854
HC Hummer X ASR Little Bear
Heterozygous Black, Homozygous Polled
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Our top selling bull from our 2010 sale going to Jim & Gail Ligon, Cookeville, TN. A top gaining, 1382 pound yearling weight, big ribeye, powerful individual backed by an outstanding ASR Little Bear daughter, ASR Ms Molly P441.  ASR P441 has had 6 calves with a weaning ratio of 114 and has recently entered our embryo donor program.  Our first crop of bull calves were well received as by our 2012 bull buyers.  We have gone to Jim and Gail Ligon and purchased ASR New Posse back and will be using him heavily in our pasture this year.

Dam of ASR New Posse - ASR Miss Molly P441


HSF Better Than Ever
ASA # 2399920
SVF/NJC Mo Better x Black Destiny x Big Sky
Homozygous Black, Homozygous Polled
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Better Than Ever is an outstanding heifer bull, who sires extreme thickness and moderate females with beautiful udders.  He has a pedigree with flexibility.

Owned by, Grass-Lunning Simmental, Leroy, MN, Altenburg Super Baldy Ranch, LLC, Fort Collins, CO, Hecksel Simmental Farms, Mayer, MN, Pine Ridge Farms, GA


HSF Victoria P30 - Dam of Better Than Ever


Hecksel Baldy

Hecksel U830

Hecksel U856

HSF Chelsea X045

 HSF Valerie X036

ASR Final Sort X0151

ASR Better Ever X0167

ASR/GLS Pacesetter U862
ASA # 2445038
Pacesetter x Hummer
Homozygous Polled, Heterozygous Polled
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U862 was the high selling bull in our 2009 Super Baldy Bull sale chosen by Jim Benda of Benda Simmental, Kimball, South Dakota. U862 is sired by Hooks Pacesetter and out of a Hummer x Josie female acquired from Grass-Lunning Simmental, Minnesota. U862 was one of our top gaining bulls, scanned with a 17.2 ribeye and 3.29 marbling, both toward the very top of our 2009 bull group. We utilized U862 A.I. and look forward to his calves born in the spring of 2010.



Mature Photo

Taken As Yearling

ASR Little Bear L126
ASA #2109389
WHF Desperado X Big Sky
Homozygous polled, heterozygous black.
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ASR Little Bear is our home raised and heavily used herdsire. He is a calving ease sire who will add depth of chest and rib. He is leaving outstanding females. We think he is the best of Desperado and Big Sky.  We love our Little Bear females and have gone back to use him A.I. to make more.  These kind of females will never go out of style.


CCR Redline 5338U
ASA # 2476124
Homozygous Polled, Non-Diluter Red
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A young, red, calving ease potential sire with a very useable pedigree. An A.I. sire in the Genex lineup obtained from the good Cow Camp Ranch breeding program. Redline is very sound, free moving with big testicles. A strong set of EPDs. We are looking forward to his first calves to arrive in spring of 2011.

       HOOKS MEAH 22M

CCR 880H RIGHT 6311S
       CCR RED DALIA 880H



Yearling Photo

ASR Game Time T754 (Red Angus)
ARAA # 1166224

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                GARDENS PRIME TIME
        N BAR PRIME TIME D806
                N BAR MISS EMULOUS A404
C S U RAM TIME 0115 ( 13562553 )
                G A R TRAVELER 1489
        C S U MISS TRAVELER 6105
                C S U MISS RITO MATH 4151

                BJR EASY RIDER 781
        BJR MAKE MY DAY 981
                BJR TOW KANA 117-710
MS GEOMETRIC 015 ( 707233 )
                LCHMN NO EQUAL 1174D
        MS GEOMETRIC 758
                MS GEOMETRIC 153

ASR Game Time is a black “Red Carrier” Angus by the Colorado State University great carcass merit sire, CSU Ram Time and a time-tested Make My Day daughter. We are using him on our heifers, across all breeds, Angus, Red Angus and Simmental. He will make outstanding Super Baldies, black or red. We’ve bred him to some red carrier Angus Future Direction, Freightliner, and Kaboom daughters, with a chance of resulting outcross Red Angus calves resulting. Not only out-cross … but out-standing!
AM Free and NH Free


Yearling Photo

FF Black Lady E19
Dam of ASR FF Kaboom S6173

ASR FF Kaboom S6173 (Angus)
AAA # 15940113
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Jauer 7111 Traveler 353 719
            Jauer 353 Traveler 589 27
                        Jauer 6807 Traveler 27 085
Baldridge Kaboom K243 KCF 13987017
                        G T Maximum
            Pleasanta of Conanga 736
                        Pleasant Pill of Conanga

                        G A R Precision 1680
            C A Future Direction 5321
                        C A Miss Power Fix 308
F F Black Lady E19 14233665
                        BLR 6807 6060
            F F Lady Traveler C76
                        F F Fantasy 175

The result of an ET mating in partnership with Jeff Flesch of Flesch Angus of Shelby Montana and their outstanding Future Direction daughter. Kaboom displays a balanced set of EPDs combined with muscle, depth of rib, and is backed by one of the outstanding young Future Direction females in the breed. We are honored to be able to obtain a bull of this caliber. We will use Kaboom to make half blood Super Baldies on our Simmental females.
AM Free and NH Free


Yearling Photo

ASR Bando 9074 T763 (Angus)
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              Bon View Bando 598
       S A F 598 Bando 5175
              S A F Royal Lass 1002
L T 598 Bando 9074
              Mill Coulee Time Traveler
       Mill Coulee Barbara K 323
              Mill Coulee Barbara K 018

              G A R Precision 1680
       C A Future Direction 5321
              C A Miss Power Fix 308
ASR Ms Direction R5161 15100191
              Boyd New Day 8005
       C D L Tawanda 306
              C D L Tawanda 91

ASR Bando is a “home bred” sire with a three generation pedigree of the most popular sires from Genex. ASR Bando is bred calving ease but is so much more. He combines muscle, style and capacity into one package. We are using on a set of Simmental cows in 2008 to make Super Baldies.
AM Free and NH Free

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