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Saturday, March 19, 2016



Altenburg Super Baldy Ranch Sale Results
Saturday, March 21st, 2015

Fort Collins, Colorado – A beautiful Spring day welcomed 200+ commercial cattlemen and women ready to purchase black and red Simmental, SimAngus bulls.  Producers from Colorado, as well as Kansas, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Nebraska and South Dakota took home the offering of the Simmental and SimAngus bulls and heifers.  A truck and trailer filled parking lot and a huge crowd were in the seats at Centennial Livestock Auction.  The demand for high altitude, PAP tested bulls, was apparent.  Those Simmental and SimAngus bulls testing with low PAP scores, and going to the high country, fared very well.  The new genetic 30K DNA test was also very well accepted.

Top selling lots--

$12,250 – Lotto x Hummer, a homozygous black Simmental bull ASR Gunnison B4234, sold to 3 C Simmental, John Christensen, Wessington, South Dakota

$11,500 – Lotto x Hummer, a black Simmental bull, ASR Country Legend B484, sold to Matt Hommandberg, Hudson, South Dakota

$11,500 – ASR Second Chance x Redline, a black Simmental ASR Second Chance B421, sold to Dick Pettinger, Eaton, Colorado

$9,500 – Wide Track x ASR New Posse, a black Simmental AST On Track B462, sold to Toby Kimzey, Pine Bluffs, Wyoming

$8,750 - Wide Track x Hummer, a black, Simmental ASR Wide Track A3213, sold to Darryl Mc Nair, Santa Rosa, New Mexico

$8,000 - Resource x Shear Force, a black SimAngus ASR Super Baldy B461, sold to Toby Kimzey, Pine Bluffs, Wyoming

$7,750 - Beef King x Big Sky, a red SimAngus ASR Super Baldy B475, sold to Field Land and Livestock, Gunnison, Colorado

$7,750 -Shear Force x Tanker, a black Simmental ASR Shear Force A3207, sold to Kevin Warboys, Snyder, Colorado

$7,500 - ASR Longevity x Hummer H3, a black Simmental ASR Cheyenne B483, sold to Duke Duzik, Craig, Colorado

$7,250 - Ranch Hand x 3C Macho, a black 3/4 SimAngus, JRI Macho, sold to Marc Olsen, Ravenna, Nebraska

$7,250 - Singletary x ASR Little Bear, black Simmental bull, ASR Pound Maker B4123, sold to Toby Kimzey, Pine Bluffs, Wyoming

$3,300 - Net Worth x Better Than Ever, a black SimAngus open heifer, ASR Ms Super Baldy B4115 sold to Jacobsen Ranch, Cheyenne, WY

Volume buyers were: Toby Kimzey, Pine Bluffs, Wyoming; Romios Ranch, Encampment, Wyoming; Field Land & Cattle Company, Gunnison, Colorado; Hornung Farms, Burlington, Colorado; Mark Coffield, Yuma, Colorado; CSU Maxell Ranch, Fort Collins, Colorado and Copple Ranch, Fort Collins, Colorado.  Heifer volume buyers were Rains Black Simmental, Oakley, Kansas and Jonathan Gorzalka, Sheridan, Wyoming.

No.       Category                                                                       Average

63         Simmental Bulls                                                             $5,062

54         Super Baldy half blood SimAngus Bulls                           $5,006

  2        Angus   Bulls                                                                 $5,000

119       Total Bulls Average                                                        $5,042

27         ASR SimAngus & Simmental Open Heifers                      $2,356


Justin Warren, Superior Livestock Auction representative, from Craig, Colorado with Willie Altenburg   Buyer Robert Willich, Stoneham, Colorado with Willie Altenburg   Buyer Ralph Walchle, Ridgeway, Colorado
Marty Ropp with Allied Genetic Resources   Young cattlemen from the Jonathan Gorzalka family, Sheridan, Wyoming    




Lot 108 B4238 By Wide Track Lot 16 ASR A3203 by Lotto Lot 45 B4109 by Augustus Lot 78 B4255 Ranch Hand
Lot 80 B4257 by Ranch Hand Lot 97 B404 by TNT Tuition Lot 98 B403 by TNT Tuition Lot 127 B4169 by ASR New Posse
ASR Call of Duty B481 ASR Shear Force A3201 ASR Shear Force A3207 ASR Super Baldy B458
AHLB Mr Broker 433B AJA Explode B161 ASR 2nd Amendment B464 ASR Aim High B418
ASR Big Iron B4244 ASR Code West B460 ASR Country Legned B484 ASR Gunnison B4234
ASR Longtime B943 ASR Mountain Man B4114 ASR Super Baldy B4113 ASR Super Baldy B453
ASR Super Baldy B489 ASR Wide Track A3200 ASR Wide Track A3204  



Willie & Sharon Altenburg & Family
570 East County Road 64 Fort Collins, CO 80524
970 568 7792

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